Finding the perfect gift for your Valentine can always be a stressful thing to think about, and if your Valentine is a photographer, there can be some big ticket items on their list. As a photographer myself that’s always been the problem when people ask me what I want for Christmas or my birthday. The things I want are new lenses, new cameras, new drones… all of which are extremely expensive. But there are some great gifts (that I’ve outlined here) that a photographer would love, all under $100.  

Peak Design Camera Strap

A new camera strap from Peak Design is a must-have for any photographer. The anchor connector design that attaches to the camera lets you quickly and easily take the strap on and off. I love this feature because normally I shoot with a dual holster setup. But when I only need one camera I can easily just attach my Peak Design strap and I’m good to go. 

Price: $64.95

You can find it here

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

This is more of a novelty gift idea but still very appreciated by photographers! The mug looks exactly like a 24-105mm lens. I was given this as a gift for Christmas and had to do a double-take when I opened it. The packaging even looked like it was an actual lens too.

Price: $15.00

You can find it here

GorillaPod by Jobi

These ultra-versatile and durable tripods were first made famous by Casey Neistat and are primarily used by vloggers, but I think its a good tool to have in the kit for any photographer. The legs of this tripod are bendable and grip to virtually anything you throw at it. This would really be ideal for someone who’s looking to start making their own video content.

Price: $79.95

You can find it here

Pelican SD Card Carrying Case

This little guy is one of my favorite camera accessories I own. It’s made by Pelican so you know its strong and durable, exactly what you want when trying to protect your precious SD cards. It’s a nice organizational tool which is very rare for me to own.

Price: $19.99

You can find it here

MagMod Flash Diffusion

A flash diffuser is really key for wedding photographers using on-camera flash. The Magsphere diffusion softens the light from your flash, giving your photos a nice natural looking light. You’ll notice a HUGE difference with and without the Magsphere on your flash. It also creates more of an omni-directional light source, rather than a flash pointed at someone, making everything super-soft.

Price: $49.95

You can find it here