I believe the experience a wedding photographer provides is just as valuable as
the photos we deliver.

I'm all about creating a fun, laid back, and collaborative space where you can feel comfortable to be yourself. We're just taking some pictures so why wouldn't it be fun!

Every couple and every relationship is unique and I want you to walk away with photos that feel like you (not from a list of poses) and take you back to the moment we took them.



Kristen + Dan

If you're getting married, just do yourself a favor and HIRE ADAM NOW! You will not be disappointed!

I'm a wedding planner and have worked with many photographers throughout my career. When it came time for me to get married, I just knew I had to work with Adam. He is so talented and just a pleasure to be around. He trekked all around Jersey City with us and was totally cool with our "just wing it" vibe (i.e. having no clue where the ceremony would be until like, 10 mins before!). Thank you Adam for capturing our day and just being the absolute best!


Kathryn + Trent

Adam embodies all things you look for in a wedding photographer - talent, promptness, professionalism, positivity and optimism, but most importantly, his talent and eye for detail. Adam was meant to be a photographer, and will be an absolutely amazing addition to your day. Adam’s demeanor is calming and reassuring while he also provides comic relief, on what can be a very stressful day, and is an absolute pleasure to laugh with.
Adam frequently checked in with us to see how we were feeling, not only on our wedding day, but throughout the entire wedding planning process. From video chats, to helping us to determine our wedding timeline, to everything running smoothly on our wedding day - we would not have been able to do it without Adam. We will never be able to thank him enough for capturing our day so beautifully!


Katie + Nikos

One of the best pieces of advice we got for our wedding was to hire a wedding photographer that you actually want to hang out with all day, since they will be with you through all the highs and intimate moments of your big day- and we could not have been happier to have Adam by our side! He was incredible all day and we felt like we were hanging out with a good friend- he helped manage everything from the craziness of family photos, to making “portraits” less awkward, to finding time for us to escape everyone- including him!- for a few moments to relax throughout the day.


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